Tuesday, January 10, 2012


At least for me. And because tweeting obsessively about my to-do list helps me achieve my to-do list, I'm going to pretend this is tweeter instead.  Here are my not particularly pithy afternoon thoughts:

I have reached the point where I'm just moving things on my to-do list from "start" to "now waiting on response".

Also when I look at my to-do list I'd kind of rather run screaming into another room.

I want more tea, but I think I may have drunk too much. My body feels all sloshy. If I drink more, will I become a tea-mermaid?

keep refreshing our careers page in the hopes there's a job posting, twitter in the hopes it works and my to-do list, in the hopes it goes away.

I am going through my to-do list for anything that only involves "emailing someone". This means that I'm going to end up with all the bigger things left at the end. Urk.

Going to the Doctor tomorrow, hopefully for to receive adderall. Perhaps then I can manage the larger things on my to-do list without wanting to cry.

Also I painted my nails red this weekend and now typing is really distracting.

Miriam and I are coming up with nerd-identifyer subdivision charm bracelets. 

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