Thursday, April 7, 2011

Willing Warlock and Stealer of Souls

Willing Warlock:

When she says short, she means short. Weirdly, this totally should have gone after Charmed Life, not Conrad's Fate. The only thing that makes it possible sensible on that front is that we learn, in Conrad, about Chrestomanci having agents in other series/worlds.

I haven't much to say about the story. It's nice idea that there really is no way to escape Chrestomanci's punishment/wrath, no matter where you run, but it all seems a little pat. Plus I ended up feeling kind of sorry for the Warlock, with the dog and the kid.

Stealer of Souls
AND this one is obviously post Magicians of Caprona! Even though, it's got Cat in it. Confused.

 I do love the idea that Cat is no longer the pet and has to deal with that. But oh, Cat, be more nice and likeable! Wait, so Tonino's mother was one of the Chrestomanci kids? Was she mentioned at the end of Conrad's book?

I do like that magic has no effect on measles.

Oh I am so happy to see Mordecai again. Generally to see the old crew from Christopher's Lives, but especially Tacroy.

I love Cat's idea that being an evil enchanter comes from doing good things for bad reasons. I suspect it's kind of the opposite, but it's interesting because it shows selfishness and laziness. But also consideration for other people. So generally...a teenager?

Wait, doesn't Rosalie have magic? She is definitely married to Mordecai, right??

Aha! Drama and plot! It is occurring! They have been kidnapped back in time! And a forgetting spell has been put on them. Oh why don't people listen to dire warnings?

And then stuff occurs! Well, it's a short story. There are beans! Cat puts them in his pocket! Cat and Tonino learn to work together and love one another. Then the beans really do all the hard work, despite being kind of stupid for lack of brain. I find myself remarkably happy that Gabriel De Witt is essentially getting reborn. Surely this must show up in a story, somewhere?

I think the moral of this story is that Cat still isn't very nice, Tonino totally saved the day and I really hope Cat grows up a lot. Now on to Witch Week!

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