Thursday, April 21, 2011

Woefully behind

I'm woefully behind on Magicians of Caprona (I might have to reread to write it), polishing all these posts up for Tordotcom (sold them! yay!), I submitted a review of Faerie Winter over at Tordot, I'm about to start working on a review of Genevieve Valentine's Mechanique for them (a circus full of magical creatures! only possibly it's science instead of magic? I don't yet know!), I signed a lease on a new flat on Tuesday night and hosted two seders not in my own flat.

So I've been pretty busy. It's not really going to subside any time soon because, as mentioned, I have to finish writing a bunch of stuff for Tordot, then I have to see if H&H still wants articles from me, this belatedly, somewhere in there I have to move and then hopefully I can start writing my own book. And all of this before the authors for whom I first-read, finish their next books!

...Kind of all I want to do is eat bread and sleep instead.

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