Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revising and lyrics?

I've been revising my Rumpy story, which is nice. It's been a really great process, largely thanks to my excellent editing friend Lindsay who rocks my socks at this whole thing. But as a result I haven't been writing new words much recently. Which is fine, there is the writing retreat over the weekend and revising is work too. Necessary work. And the story is going out on Thursday, so then I'll have no more excuses.

But R took me to see a show the other night, by a band called The Church. I didn't really know them at all but it was pretty excellent all round and I think I quite like them. But this thing happened which hasn't happened to me in a while, but occasionally does, where concerts spark like FIFTY MILLION DIFFERENT SONGS in my brain. This time it was four. But wtf, 2 snippets of songs, one half a song and one most of a song? Really brain?

So in total it's about 272 words. I don't really know whether to count it on my excellent metre of word countyness, because it is not on any of the projects I want to be working on and in any case I think that might be a prose metre solely. But I just wanted to say a) hey! I wrote me some lyrics! and b) wtf brain. For serious.

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